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  • 1966 Ford Mustang Fastback with an A code 289 and a "top loader" 4 speed width:640;;height:430
  • Magnum 500 wheels and as much tire that fits under a '66 without tubbing it. width:640;;height:427
  • Original "pimp" wheels that came on it. Note the "Masonic Parking Brake". width:640;;height:431
  • The "pimp wheels" are small and stick out, endangering innocent pedestrians. width:640;;height:428
  • The venerable Ford 289 (plus at least .030 of overbore). Pumped up about as much as a l'il 289 can be pumped. width:640;;height:426
  • Much better with Magnum 500's on it. Not a factory option, but a period correct upgrade! Plus I like the look much better. width:640;;height:425
  • The tires no longer endanger unsuspecting bystanders. width:640;;height:427
  • Rangoon Red, also known as "Write Me a Ticket Red". Red in some light, orange in other. width:640;;height:430
  • Replaced the potato chip dash. You can buy ANY part for an old Mustang. You could build one from scratch with the right catalogs! width:640;;height:427
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